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Benefits of the Proposals

Memoria would provide a much-needed memorial park and crematorium addressing the existing gap in service for around 146,700 people. This would offer people living in the North Kent area the choice of a more accessible cremation service and would improve service time availability especially during the busier winter months.

The site is naturally screened by hedgerows and trees - such screening would be enhanced by extensive native planting, and this along with a considerate design approach would limit the visual impact of the proposals.

The site would be accessed from the existing private road that leads to Faversham showground. A new spur road would provide access into the site at an existing break in the vegetation, with a small roundabout providing clear entrances to the crematorium and existing showground.

The crematorium is compatible with a countryside location owing to the need for a peaceful and tranquil setting and the requirements of the Cremation Act which prevent such uses being located within or adjacent to settlements. A separation distance of 200 yards from houses and 50 yards from roads is required under the Act.

In addition to cremation services, both traditional and natural burials would also be offered at the site.

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