An independent need assessment has been undertaken which shows that there is clear evidence of a quantitative and qualitative need for a new crematorium at the proposed location in North Kent. In quantitative terms, it has been calculated that around 146,700 people would be closer to the proposed facility than any other crematorium in the area.

Qualitative need in crematoria development is defined by the number of people who currently live more than 30 minutes away from their nearest crematorium (based on funeral cortege speeds) but would live within 30 minutes of the proposed facility. In this case, this represents approximately 74,000 people. This has been quantified and set against past precedent from crematoria planning appeal decisions.

Past Appeal Decision Benchmarks for Quantitative and Qualitative Need

Past Appeal Decision Table


This need is further under-pinned by a clear qualitative need for additional cremation capacity in the wider area. This additional cremation capacity is required owing to the growing population, growing numbers of deaths and the growing rate of cremation in the district. When you factor in that the surrounding crematoria of Barham, Thanet and Vinters Park are also running over their practical capacity, those at Charing and Sittingbourne are close to it, and that bereaved families are suffering 3-4 week waiting times as a result, there is a clear qualitative need for an additional crematorium at this location to serve north Kent.